Pros and Cons

  • Only 3% commission on winning bets. 
  • Easy to use site navigation. 
  • Competitive odds. 
  • A limited number of bet types. 
  • No a lot of payment options. 
  • Not much currency choice. 

Bonus Offer

Step by Step Guide

  1. It's really simple to sign up at Betdaq, so the first thing you can do is get on the website right here.
  2. When you come to register, make sure to use the Betdaq free bet bonus code: FB2515

With a sign up bonus package to sweeten the deal, all customers can benefit from a 2% commission rate on all markets.

Betdaq Sign Up Bonus Code: FB2515

It is not very common to get surprising bonus offers at betting exchanges - at least we’re not used to it. Betdaq do have some very interesting ones though. The pick of the bunch however is their £/€25 free bet for new sign ups. To qualify for this offer, simply input the betdaq bonus code FB2515 on the registration page at the time of registration. When you have earned your first four commision points, your account will be credited with your free £25 bet!

Claim your £/$25 free bet now!

In addition to the free bet offer, betdaq is also providing a very low 3% commission for new members plus a 50% refund on their first 3 months play. To qualify for the 50% refund deal, players must use the bonus code BDQHALF when signing up and will then receive their cash refund of any commission paid during the first 90 days after opening an account.

Purple is the Colour

It is a very similar layout to the one we are used to at Betfair. The colours are different but the menus are on the left, market explanations and rules on the right. At the centre of the screen you will get the all too familiar ‘back’ and ‘lay’ squares showing odds and stake as bets get matched and new ones offered. A difference you will notice is a big ‘M’ thrown in there, that’s the Multiple sign and we will talk about that later.

What we really are after though is not the looks. We are not that superficial. What we want is, erm, a bigger payout. So do Betdaq offer us a better deal moneywise? Let’s find out in the next section.

Better Commission Rates

When Betdaq first emerged into the betting scene it had an uphill struggle trying to wrestle Betfair out of its position of power, gained deservedly for merits of originality as they filled in a vacuum in the industry. Betdaq was not an innovative idea but an attempt at trying to improve what was already there.

The only way any other betting exchange could overthrow Betfair was of course to offer lower commission rates. In trying to get the biggest share of the cake possible Betdaq did start out with what looked like an irresistible offer to potential customers – a 3% commission rate charged on all markets. That could indeed gather the crowds. After all a betting exchange could exist only if punters were flocking to it in numbers.

Eventually, the low levels of commission were unsustainable and Betdaq’s advantage, the one they had prided themselves with in order to appear prettier than Betfair, was reduced to null.

Since the start of 2012, Betdaq have hit crazy again though. Their rates for any new player, and any old customer requesting it, are back down to 3%. Now that we know they once had to put an end to this because of the profits they were losing out on we cannot but acknowledge what an economic advantage this conveys to us players.

Recently, betdaq has started to provide an extra incentive for new sign-ups with 0% comission on all multiples for 1 month. Click here for more details on this very enticing offer.

betdaq commission

Asian Handicap Heaven

We know out there are loads of Asian handicap aficionados so this will come as great news to many. Commission rates on the Asian handicap markets are even lower than the crazy 3% available for 2012. Betdaq charge just 2% commission on all Asian handicap bets available at their betting exchange service. Undeniably the best rates you will find out there.

Much, Much More

The tabs at the top of the page will hint at this but we have to emphasize it. Betdaq is not just a betting exchange. They deal with much more and in fact you can also bet just like at a normal bookmaker when you click on 1Bet. 1 Bet is the bookmaker within Betdaq. The markets will more or less be the same you will find at the betting exchange but of course here you only get to choose the one option offered at the fixed odds price.

Some may say it does defeat the purpose of having a betting exchange, and in a way it does conflict with it but it seems to be appropriate for Betdaq to try and offer enough for it to be the players’ one-stop betting shop.

The aforementioned big ‘M’ stands for ‘multiples’. You can combine bets into betting slips to get bigger odds and payouts just as you would at any other bookmaker.

Besides, there are also the Poker section and the Games section so they really do try to provide all different kinds of gaming experiences for their customers.

Tips And Rewards

If you are looking around for ideas or promotions linked to current sports events they have a neat section set up just for that and being updated constantly. You will find a few tips that may help you out with some bets. At times you can also get involved in some quick competitions they will be promoting in there.

As for rewards Betdaq also have a dedicated section much like our BE Store. It is called the Rewards Store. You collect points which you can then trade for cool stuff which you will certainly enjoy. The store shelves currently display, amongst others, a collection of wine bottles and a television set.

Online Assistance

No live chat is always bad news. We have been let down by a number of bookmakers who promise quick replies to our e-mails often enough. However, Betdaq’s staff did get back to my questions incredibly quickly on a number of occasions. It is not live chat but it is as close as any e-mail exchange can go in my opinion.

You can also call during office hours from Monday to Friday. Weekends, when you probably need most assistance usually, are essentially more difficult to establish quick contact.

In Conclusion

So is it the ‘new and improved’ Betfair? The 3% commission rates they currently charge is tempting and realistically it should get anybody with no Betdaq account yet to sign up and take full advantage of it. As long as these charges last they have to be the more advantageous betting exchange out there for us punters. So bet and lay like crazy until the dream lasts. Hopefully more will join the Betdaq community and we will finally have a real alternative to Betfair in the long run.

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