Info on the new bettingexpert


As you probably know, we launched a new version of bettingexpert. The overall feedback has been positive, but some serious bugs have been reported. We just want to let you know what we have fixed already and what we are working on.

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Issues we have fixed:

1. Profiles

  • Links to profiles now go to the correct profile
  • Profile names are now correct
  • You can view all active tips in the profiles
  • You should now be able to view correct data, such as profit yield and number of tips
  • Profiles now show charts

2. Tips lists

  • Profit is now shown in the tips lists

3. Performance issues

  • Improved stability
  • Still not fast - but we're working on it. We are expecting to significantly increase speed next week

4. Posting tips

  • There have been some issues with posting tips but these should be fixed now. However, we have not been able to reproduce some of the reported errors, so please report any problems you might experience so we can fix them ASAP.

5. Missing tips

  • All tips from the old version of bettingexpert are saved and are still in the database. However, there may be some tips that were not saved properly yesterday due to the server issues. For this, we sincerely apologise.

6. Competitions page

7. Navigation on smartphones

Issues we are working on:

1. Updating tips

  • On the page where you can update your tips, users currently do not have the option to declare the match abandoned so you can have your stake returned. In this event, please contact us directly and we will edit/delete the tip manually.

2. BE points

  • We still record and log be points although they are not currently showing on profiles. We are working on showing them again.

3. BE Store

  • We actually considered dropping the BE store, however, due to popular demand from our user base we will be bringing the BE store back in a few weeks.

4. Odds tables in tips

  • These will also return during the next week or two.

5. Hot tips

  • We are working on a new and improved hot tips algorithm. This feature should be ready in approximately two weeks.

6. Tips list

  • A lot you have been giving feedback on our new tips list design, saying it's too hard to scan and we're working hard on some changes that should help a lot! Moreover, the tips lists will also link to league pages, just as they used to do. We expect these lists to be implemented no later than Tuesday.

7. Stats section

  • This will be ready by next Friday.

Features we have removed:

Tip of the day

  • We have decided to stop our manual the tip of the day selection. We will most likely work on a more automated version of tip of the day in the future. If you experience other problems and/or have suggestions to the new design, please report them here