Where's The Luck Around Goal This Season?


How would the Premier League table look if own goals didn't count, woodwork hits were goals and all penalties were converted? Today on the blog James Amey tells us.


After seven games in the Premier League this season, Arsenal sit on top of the table with Liverpool, Chelsea and Southampton occupying the Champions League places and Sunderland propping up the table.

But what would the Premier League table look like if teams were luckier in front of goal? In the first of a series of articles we look at how the Premier League table would look if:

  • Own goals didn’t count
  • Woodwork hits were goals
  • And if teams had scored their missed penalties.

There have been 2 own goals that have been deducted from teams totals and 44 woodwork and 3 missed penalties that have been added as goals.

Chelsea and Manchester City are the only two teams to benefit from own goals, with Antonio Luna and Tim Howard scoring the only own goals so far this season.

Liverpool and Tottenham have hit the woodwork 5 times this season, which is more than any other team, while Newcastle and Stoke have both hit the woodwork 4 times.

There have been 5 missed penalties this season, but as Christian Benteke scored the rebound and Tim Howard scored an own goal from Sergio Aguero’s penalty these have not been counted. Therefore, only Chelsea, Norwich and Stoke have had their missed penalties counted in the table.

In this alternate Premier League table Southampton sit top of the table on 17 points, one point above Liverpool and Arsenal on 16 points and two points ahead of Tottenham who make up the Champions League places.

Manchester City would be 5th level on points with Newcastle, while Everton, Chelsea, Aston Villa and Hull make up the top half.

Sunderland would stay rock bottom on one point, with Crystal Palace (3 points) and West Ham (6 points) sitting in the relegation zone. Swansea, Stoke, West Brom and Norwich would be 1 point clear of safety on 7 points, Cardiff (8 points), Fulham (9 points) and Manchester United (10 points) making up the bottom half of the table.

Newcastle would gain 3 points and 5 places in this alternate table, while Southampton would gain 3 points and 4 places. Fulham and Tottenham would both be 2 points better off, with Fulham gaining 4 positions in the table and Tottenham gaining 2.

Aston Villa are the only other team to gain a point and are one place better off in the table.

Chelsea would be the team worst off, as they would lose 3 points and be 5 positions lower in the table. West Ham and West Brom would both be 2 points worse off, while West Ham would drop 5 places in the table and West Brom would drop 4 places.

Liverpool, Manchester City, Crystal Palace, Sunderland and Everton are the only teams not to gain or drop any points or places in the table, while Cardiff, Swansea, Norwich and Stoke have not gained any points but have all gained one place in the table.

Liverpool have been unlucky in terms of hitting the woodwork so many times this season, but these have come in games when they have won the game anyway and their goal difference has only increased by 2 goals in the table.

Stoke have also hit the woodwork 4 times and missed a penalty this season, but again like Liverpool have not gained any points in the table.

This may be due to the fact that the missed penalty and one of Stokes and three of Liverpool’s woodwork hits came in Liverpool’s opening day victory over Stoke and the result was unaffected.

So, although Liverpool and Stoke have been unlucky in front of goal this season, these moments have come in games that haven’t affected the results of games. This is compared to teams such as Southampton and Newcastle, who have been unlucky in games when they have not ended up winning the game.



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