Premier League Season 2012/2013 Review


It's over. It's done. The 2012/2013 Premier League Season has come to a close and in case you missed it, Manchester United won the title, Manchester City failed to defend their title while both Chelsea and Arsenal worked their way to a top 4 finish. Today on the blog Ally Moncrief shares his team by team Premier League 2012/2013 wrap up.


1st - Manchester United

W-D-L: 28-5-5, 89pts

United strolled to the title without ever playing anything even approaching ‘well’, their inadequacies more than eclipsed by their managers’ insatiable desire for victory. Imagine what would happen if he retired?

In other news, Wayne Rooney having initially complained about a lack of good players at Old Trafford ended the season complaining that there are now too many good players at Old Trafford, his no-longer being the ‘top dog’ has left Wayne in a proper huff, imagine how angry he’d be if his new manager was a guy who had previously sued him?

The Odds: Man United are currently at odds of 2.88 to repeat as Premier League champions.

2nd - Manchester City

W-D-L: 23-9-6, 78pts

A truly bizarre set of summer signings set the tone for a season that consisted of a pitiful Champions League campaign, perhaps the limpest title defence of all time, an FA Cup final defeat at the hands of Wigan and concluded with the departure of floppy fringed manager Roberto Mancini.

In fact thinking about it, this was a criminally boring season from City, they’ll spend a frightening amount of money in the summer and they should probably look to pick up someone better than Scott Sinclair.

The Odds: Man City are at odds of 3.20 to bounce back and claim the Premier League title in 2013/2014.

3rd - Chelsea

W-D-L: 22-9-7, 75pts

Roman Abramovich’s crusade to hire every manager in the land continued apace, the hugely popular Roberto Di Matteo was replaced by the utterly loathed Rafa Benitez. In an act clearly designed to infuriate the Chelsea fans Benitez actually did quite well, they’ll play in the Champions League next season and there’s a shiny new European trophy in the cabinet.

A wonderfully talented but hilariously unbalanced side, if they can find a manager with the personality to fix the flaws then there’s the potential for something special at ‘the Bridge’.

The Odds: Chelsea are third favourites to claim the Premier League title next season at odds of 3.75.

4th - Arsenal

W-D-L: 21-10-7, 73 points

Once again Arsene Wenger and his men have made life easy for those of us asked to write one of these end of season reviews. We all know the story, the loss of a superstar player was felt but not as dramatically as feared, Champions League qualification secured but not even a sniff of a title challenge.

It’s becoming a habit and a boring one at that.

The Odds: Another top 4 finish for the Gunners next season? They are at odds of 1.73 to do so.

5th – Tottenham

W-D-L: 21-9-8, 72pts

So near and yet so far, close but no cigar, always the bridesmaid but never the bride, you get the drift. Often decried as a ‘one man team’ (which retains an element of truth due to Bale’s utter ridiculousness) that does a disservice to a talented and youthful squad.

If they hadn’t attempted to negotiate a season with an exhausted Defoe and uninterested Adebayor as their only striking options things would surely have been different.

The Odds: Can Spurs reach the top 4 in season 2013/2014? They are currently at odds of 2.62 to do just that.

A Look Back - The 2012/2013 Premier League Pre-Season Odds

FinishClubPremier League TitleTop 4 FinishRelegation
1st Manchester United 3.20 1.09 3001.00
2nd Manchester City 2.35 1.06 3001.00
3rd Chelsea 6.50 1.40 1501.00
4th Arsenal 16.50 1.72 220.00
5th Tottenham 50.00 3.05 110.00
6th Everton 250.00 15.50 34.00
7th Liverpool 26.00 3.45 250.00
8th West Brom 3501.00 80.00 4.40
9th Swansea 4501.00 85.00 3.10
10th West Ham 5501.00 100.00 4.00
11th Norwich 5501.00 100.00 2.60
12th Fulham 2501.00 70.00 10.00
13th Stoke 3501.00 80.00 6.20
14th Southampton 7501.00 80.00 2.40
15th Aston Villa 2501.00 50.00 8.00
16th Newcastle 260.00 10.00 42.00
17th Sunderland 1251.00 60.00 11.00
18th Wigan 6001.00 95.00 2.80
19th Reading 10001.00 100.00 2.70
20th QPR 3001.00 60.00 7.20

6th – Everton

W-D-L: 16-15-7, 63pts

Another valiant effort from the impoverished Merseysiders, alas despite a strong start their top 4 challenge eventually faltered, once again they can legitimately claim to be the City’s top side (although that is far less impressive a boast these days).

An FA Cup semi-final thrashing at the hands of Wigan must have hurt, in fact David Moyes took it so badly he only went and jacked it in after 11 years of exemplary service (the offer from Old Trafford may have had something to do with that admittedly).

The Odds: Everton a top 4 chance next season? They're currently on offer at odds of 21.00.

7th – Liverpool

W-D-L: 16-13-9, 61pts

If nothing else at least Liverpool’s PR department upped their game in 2012-13, the biting thing was dealt with much more effectively than the racism thing. A ‘transitional’ season for Brendan’s Anfield project and vomit inducing management speak aside there have been glimpses of progress.

Unfortunately their only world class player is completely unhinged and spends a large proportion of his time in the stands serving a suspension. It’s probably for the best that we don’t mention that TV show.

The Odds: Can Liverpool achieve Champions League qualification in 2013/2014? They are at odds of 2.62 to finish in the top 4.

8th - West Brom

W-D-L: 14-7-17, 49pts

The ‘boing boing Baggies’ moniker has been cast aside (it was crap anyway) as Steve Clarke proved that being a good coach doesn’t necessarily mean being a dreadful manager. There are questions to be asked about the fairness of Clarke using his Chelsea connections to secure the loaning of, the in normal circumstances unaffordable, Romelu Lukaku but hey ho that’s just the way things work.

Well done West Brom, another contender for team of the season.

The Odds: Another season in the Premier League for the Baggies? They're at odds of 11.00 to relegated.

9th – Swansea

W-D-L: 11-13-14, 46pts

They quite clearly don’t do ‘second season syndrome’ in Wales, and Swansea are arguably the team of the season. With their wonderfully entertaining football, intelligent recruitment policy and actual silverware they’re like a scaled down but more successful model of Arsenal.

Despite the undoubted talent of their squad there is no doubt that if he fancied a game, their manager would still be quite comfortably the best player at the club.

The Odds: Swansea are currently at odds of 8.00 to be relegated in season 2013/2014.

10th - West Ham

W-D-L: 12-10-16, 46pts

A solid season back in the Premier League for ‘the Hammers’ which of course isn’t very exciting, but after recent shenanigans at Upton Park probably came as a relief to the fans.

The signing of Andy Carroll confirmed everyone’s suspicions that he and ‘Big Sam’ are a ‘match made in heaven’.

The Odds: The Hammers are at odds of 8.00 to be relegated next season.

11th – Norwich

W-D-L: 10-14-14, 44pts

That Norwich finished 11th (yes really, look it up if you don’t believe me) illustrates just how mediocre the Premier League has been this time around.

If not for an impressive spell mid-season, a chronic lack of firepower would have seen them relegated. Those Grant Holt for England calls look a little silly now.

The Odds: Norwich are amongst the favourites to be relegated next season at odds of 3.75.

12th – Fulham

W-D-L: 11-10-17, 43pts

A very strange season from ‘The Cottagers’, with some delightful football played, a quite magnificent 3rd kit and the borderline pornographic pairing of Bryan Ruiz and Dimitar Berbatov, Fulham became everyone’s second side and were lavished with early season adulation.

Then for some reason, not long after the turn of the year, Martin Jol and his men pretty much buggered off on holiday. Luckily for them the ineptitude of others saved them from returning home to second tier football.

The Odds: Fulham are currently priced at odds of 8.00 to be relegated in season 2013/2014.

13th – Stoke

W-D-L: 9-15-14, 42pts

For a while it looked like Stoke's spell in the top flight was going to come to an end, the nation rejoiced, street parties were planned and a national holiday was pencilled in. Then they ground out a couple of victories and a nation wept as it took down the bunting and removed the party hats.

In fairness their squad is truly world class when it comes to the ‘Movember’ moustache growing fun.

The Odds: Stoke are priced at odds of 4.50 to be relegated in season 2013/2014.

14th – Southampton

W-D-L: 9-14-15, 41pts

Ruined their ‘nice guys’ reputation by ruthlessly sacking their likeable English manager when he was doing okay and replacing him with one of those dastardly foreigners who couldn’t even speak the lingo.

It would clearly end in disaster, except that it didn’t, and Pochettino led the Saints to safety. Well done that man.

The Odds: Southampton are at odds of 8.00 to face the drop next season.

15th - Aston Villa

W-D-L: 10-11-17, 41 pts

Surprisingly entertaining stuff from Villa this season, in fact some of their support who’d slipped into a coma during the Alex McLeish reign actually woke up. At first Paul Lambert's tactic of filing his team with Championship players looked like ensuring he’d be managing a Championship team in 2013-14.

Thankfully Lambert also recruited one of those brilliant Belgians (there’s loads of them about) whose goals have been a real highlight and kept Villa in ‘the promised land’.

The Odds: Will Villa go down this time around? They are currently at odds of 7.50 to be relegated.

16th – Newcastle

W-D-L: 11-8-19, 41pts

Newcastle surprised us all with a highly impressive 2011-12 season that almost ended in the Champions League. They then surprised us all with a highly unimpressive 2012-13 season that almost ended in the Championship.

Whilst their scouting team may be highly competent, their football team is not. Alan Pardew and his 8 year contract got funnier as the season progressed.

The Odds: The bookmakers don't expect Newcastle to find themselves in the relegation scrap next season, at odds of 15.00 to go down.

17th – Sunderland

W-D-L: 9-12-17, 39pts

Depending on how seriously you take Paolo Di Canio’s political views it could be argued that Sunderland sold their soul for Premier League safety (Di Canio being the devil here in case you hadn’t worked that out).

Devil or no Devil they survived, and whatever you think of Di Canio he at least gives us something to talk about, the season highlight (of which there were very few) was an absolute spanking of Newcastle that will live long in the memory.

The Odds: Sunderland are at odds of 8.00 to be relegated in season 2013/2014.

18th – Wigan

W-D-L: 9-9-20, 36pts

This was classic Wigan, pretend they’re incompetent for most of the season and then pull of a great escape in the final few weeks, we know how this trick ends, we’ve seen it before.

Unfortunately this time the magician was lax, perhaps distracted by shiny baubles elsewhere (the FA Cup if you’re not following) and the trick fell flat. We will miss Wigan.

The Odds: Wigan are currently at odds of 4.33 to bounce back and be promoted to the Premier League next season.

19th – Reading

W-D-L: 6-10-22, 28pts

Reading’s season can be summed up by the fact that the first draft of this piece didn’t even include them. Admit it, just like me you’ve already forgotten they were in the Premier League.

The most interesting thing they did was change their manager for a less bald version of himself, I’m not sure I even remember what either of them were called and I certainly don’t care enough to Google it.

The Odds: Reading are at odds of 4.50 to earn promotion back to the Premier League next season.

20th – QPR

W-D-L: 4-13-21, 25pts

A quite brilliantly hilarious season, a lesson in how not to run a football club, some of the worst transfer dealings in history, one of the most unbalanced squads you will ever see, the Premier League will miss QPR.

That they attempted to save their season by spending an eye watering amount of money on a borderline obese Chris Samba, a few loans deals, Jermain Jenas and most unbelievably of all Tal Ben Haim tells you everything you need to know. By the end they weren’t even trying.

The Odds: QPR are currently favourites in the Championship at odds of 2.75 to win promotion to the Premier League next season.



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