Review of Soccer in Play - Predict the Outcome Of Any Match


Soccer in Play is an interactive betting app for the iPhone and iPad which creates statistical predictions of matches based on a database of over 40,000 historic matches.

Soccer in Play app

Here at bettingexpert, we are constantly looking for ways to improve your chances of beating the bookies. We normally achieve this though insights from our excellent expert analysts but recently we stumbled across this brilliant little free app that is able to instantly calculate a statistical prediction of any football match! We thoroughly recommend you try it out! Here's our review...

Soccer in Play app review

Soccer in Play is an exciting new IOS app available free in the apple store (download here) that enables users to simulate the final outcome of any football match at any point of the game. The prediction is based on a database of thousands of previous matches and providers punters with a quick and easy guide to the value of any given odds.

The Soccer in Play app works by first requiring the user to input the relative strengths of the teams involved, from a top team to a relegation candidate. League position is one of the most reliable ways of predicting the outcome of a football match and once you have selected the respective strengths your next requirement is to input the scores.

Soccer in Play was originally designed to aid in-play betting. When a team scores in a match, obviously the match odds change. By assigning goals to teams as they happen, users are able to estimate the value of quoted odds by checking the probability of the final outcome using the Soccer in Play app.

The app can also be used to simulate the odds of a future game in which you predict the pattern of scoring.

Five graphs are generated from this information featuring:

  • Final match result
  • Next team to score
  • Next goal time
  • Final score
  • Total goals

Soccer In Play Screen Shots

Key Features:

  • Use at any point in a match to predict the outcome
  • Unique algorithm that utilises real life game statistics to predict the most likely outcomes
  • Results are based on in-depth analysis of over 40,000 matches
  • View results on 5 easy-to-read graphs
  • Easy to use – just enter the team strengths and assign goal times when they occur for each team



Soccer in Play is available in the app store now. Click here to download the app for free!App Store