Something to Watch - More Classic Moments in Sports


Once a month Andrew Brocker will deliver the best clips from around the sporting world - the classic, the absurd and the downright entertaining. Some you may have seen. Some you might not. It's BettingExpert's 'Something to Watch'.

"Personal foul. 69. Offense..."

Now I've been an American football fan for over two decades, and although i have never actually read the official rule book, I'm pretty sure this isn't in it. Although have to say the ref has a better feel for the game than this ref. And can someone please put some Benny Hill music to this video as this ref runs for his life. A good run but not quite as silky as this punt return from Devin Hester back in his college days.


"This is a comedy of errors..."

It's a run out. Eventually. Oh no it's not. Both teams doing their best to make a mess of it. And in similar fashion, here's some goals that eventually crossed the line, some fans who did too and some of the most graceful own goals you'll ever see.


"Gretzky scores!!!..."

One of the most poetic moments in sports history. Not only does Wayne Gretzky break Gordie Howe's alltime points record, but he does it back in Edmonton, where not only did he make his name as ice hockey's greatest player, but the Oilers were also the team he scored his first professional goal against. And here's a nice piece looking at Gretzky's last game he ever played. And for old time's sake, here's Gretzky's Top Ten Moments.


"Oh nice uppercut by Buster Douglas..."

One of the biggest upsets in boxing and sports history as the rank outside Buster Douglas defeats Mike Tyson in the 10th round to claim the world heavyweight title. Things didn't go so well for Tyson in the years after the fight, but here's Mike where it all began, as a 15 year old knocking some other kid boxer out. And if you've got some time, watch this three part series by ESPN Classic on the Douglas v Tyson fight. And on the topic of upsets, here's the final minutes of the possibly the greatest upset in history or at least College football.


"And there's a faller there..."

Apparantly this was the first race ever won at odds of 999-1 on Betfair. Tony MCoy wins the Feast of St.Raymond Novice Chase back in January of 2002 riding Family Business. After his fall, odds were offered in-race at the maximum of 999-1. Someone got burnt. Have to say I wish Alan Partridge was commentating the race. And for some reason, the success of Tony McCoy reminds me of Steven Bradbury.


"Here's Jordan for 3. Yes!..."

Michael Jordan lights it up in Game 1 of the 1992 NBA Finals against Portland, scoring 35 points and hitting six 3-pointers. And here's a great mini-documentary on the game. A the master of the dunk, here's footage of what is perhaps his greatest as he dunks over Patrick Ewing at Madison Sqaure Garden. And to prove it's not as easy as it looks, here's Julian Wright.