Introducing the bettingexpert academy


Want to know how to win betting on sports? This week at bettingexpert we're very excited to launch the be academy, a series of sports betting guides to help you beat the bookies and improve your betting bottom line.


bettingexpert has gone through many changes over the years. But throughout this time one thing has remained a constant, and that's our commitment to educating the betting public of the world and helping punters make more informed and ultimately more profitable betting decisions.

This commitment directs us in all that we do at bettingexpert. And it's in this spirit that we're very proud this week to launch the bettingexpert academy.

What is the bettingexpert academy?

The be academy is the most comprehensive guide to sports betting on the web. Within its pages you'll find everything you need to help you take your betting from a casual past time to a serious and profitable pursuit. The academy guides will provide you with all the fundamentals required for long term successful sports betting. No matter what your level of experience or ambition, the be academy will help you become a more consistent winner.

So what's in the academy?

The academy consists of six guides, with each guide building upon the lessons of the previous:

  • Betting Fundamentals
  • Types Of Betting
  • Bookmakers
  • Betting On Different Sports
  • Basics For Successful Betting
  • Advanced Betting Theory


You'll find everything from understanding betting odds, how to bet on different sports successfully, how bookmakers set their odds and even how to begin developing your own predictive betting model. We're certain that by the time you complete each section of the academy, you'll approach sports betting with greater insight and greater confidence.

What are people saying about the be academy?

Professional sports trader Matt Finnigan says "What I like about the bettingexpert academy is that it gives you all the cornerstones to successful betting in an easy to follow guide." while fellow professional sports trader Mark Iverson says "Wow! An outstanding knowledge base that ticks all the boxes for anyone serious about improving their betting returns."

Guardian writer Paolo Bandini comments "I am not aware of a better resource online for the novice punter than the BE academy. Clear, concise, truthful and – best of all – free!" while writer for The Mirror Ed Malyon says "From absolute beginner to regular punter, the BE academy is a brilliant guide, written simply and concisely so you can begin to make money betting."

Professional sports trader Pete Nordsted recommends the academy saying "If you are new to betting then do not place another bet until you read through this excellent resource. By committing the contents to memory your betting will be taken to a completely different level." while The Secret Betting Club gives two thumbs up saying "The be academy is an absolute must-read for anyone serious about making money betting. Whether you're a novice or expert gambler, there is something for you."

What do you think of the academy? Share with us your thoughts on the be academy in the comments section below!

Start developing your betting IQ today!

The be academy is open and it's free. The journey to consistent sports betting profits starts now.