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What are the best football podcasts to listen to? Today we give you our five favourite football podcasts, for both information and entertainment.

Let's face it. You love betting on football, and you’re busy and you need information available at your convenience. Where can you find it? Podcasts. That's where. Download and listen whenever it suits your lifestyle and get all the information you need without having to pay a penny. And there are plenty of great podcasts out there featuring in-depth discussions on about every sport you can imagine.

Today we will look at the Top 5 Football Podcasts that can help keep you informed, current with all the latest opinions from the best football observers and help make you a better and more informed football gambler.

  1 – Football Weekly: Hosted by James Richardson, the Guardian's Football Today podcast will not only keep you informed with all that is happening in the world of football, but you're sure to get a few laughs along the way, as the team of Richardson, Barry Glendenning, bettingexpert contributors Jonathan Wilson, Michael Cox and Raphael Honigstein and others, take a keen and sometimes ironic look at the weeks football news. They take their football seriously..........most of the time. “Woof”. There are 2 Football Weekly editions per week, with each running at around 45 minutes in length. You can listen online, or download as an mp3.

2 – The Game: Hosted by Gabriele Marcotti, the Times Online's The Game podcast delivers you all the latest football news from England and across Europe. Featuring news, opinion, rumour and exclusive interviews, The Game will satisfy your hunger for football news and discussion.The Game is posted weekly, on a Sunday and runs for around 40 minutes. It can be listened to online or downloaded through iTunes.

3 – 5 Live Football Daily: If you want to keep up with football news day in and day out, this is a fantastic podcast. A range of hosts, reporters and guests bring you a daily podcast that features news, views and exclusive interviews focusing not only on English football but football across Europe and the globe. Brought to you by the BBC, Football Daily runs for anywhere between 15 and 50 minutes, to keep you up to speed and current in the fast paced world of domesitc and international football. Each edition is available for up to 7 days from their website and is available for download as an mp3 or via iTunes.

4 – 606 Football Phone-In and World Football Phone-In: What I love about Football Phone-In is the breadth of opinions and topics discussed. Football fans call in and engage in a range of pressing issues in the world of football. The debates are wide ranging and there's always an opinion or perspective that you might not have considered as passionate and knowledgeable football fans share their views. Brought to you by the BBC, there are 2 editions of Football Phone-In, the English edition focusing on the Premier League and the ranks of English football, and the World Football Phone-In which spans the globe. Both vary in duration from around 45-50 minutes. They are both available to listen to online or to download from iTunes.

5 – The Football Ramble: The title pretty much says it all. A group of football obsessives (including bettingexpert contributor Jim Campbell) sitting around talking football. They cover everything that's happening that week and along the way bring a few laughs. Taking an odd and alternative perspective, they live up to their motto of answering the questions you won't hear on other football podcasts. The Ramble is posted weekly and runs for around 50 minutes. It's available from their website and via iTunes.



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