BettingExpert Football Tipping 2011-2012 Review


Who were the best football tipsters last season? Which football tipsters should you look to follow this season? Before the new season begins in earnest, today on the blog we take a look at the best BE football tipsters for season 2011-2012.


So with a new football season only a few weeks away (I know. Monotony never felt so exciting!), it's a good time to take a look at who were the best football tipsters over the last 12 months at BettingExpert and see who it might be worth following in season 2012-2013.

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Top 10 Football Tipsters

So let's start at the top of the charts. Below are the top 10 football tipsters for season 2011-2012. That's the top 10 for all leagues, all cups, all tournaments.


Community member Sportbetting77 was the best of the best when it came to football betting last season. He posted 519 tips for an overall profit of 276.3 units, a return on investment of 7%. Soccerfan was in 2nd place having posted an imposing 2,144 football tips over the last 12 months. For all his work he saw a profit of 273.5 units. In 3rd was Modiaq, posting 366 tips collecting an overall football profit of 254.2 units at a return on investment of 7.3%.

Top 10 English Premier League Tipsters

If the English Premier League is your betting preference, below are the top 10 Premier League tipsters for season 2011-2012.


Great work from community member Poglavica who was the best Premier League tipster for the last 12 months, posting 43 tips for a profit of 75.2 units, a very handsome return of 32%. In 2nd place was a very opportunistic SantosDrazyk, who snared a profit of 60.9 units, for a tremendous return on investment of 124.2%. Luckygirl34 posted 74 Premier League tips for season 2011-2012 for a profit of 57 units, a healthy return on investment of 10.7%, good enough to be the 3rd ranked Premier League tipsters of season 2011-2012.

Top 10 Spanish Primera Tipsters

Let's then take a look at who the best tipsters were for the Spanish Primera in 2011-2012. As we can see, community member Profitt was the best performer, posting 61 tips for a profit of 175.1 units, a tasty return on investment of 36.4%.


In 2nd place we once again find Modiaq. His 29 Primera tips delivered a profit of 49.6 units, a return of 18.7%. In 3rd place was Castro whose 17 Primera tips gave followers a profit of 48.8 units, a return of 43.5%.

Top 10 Italian Serie A Tipsters


When we turn out attention to the Serie A, we see community member Ptcviet rise above the rest to post a profit of 78.6 units from his 33 tips, giving followers a return of 30.5%. Our 2nd best Serie A tipster was Dikisana who offered a profit of 73 units from his 43 Serie A tips, while Cardfan80 finished 3rd with a healthy 57.4 units profit from his 14 Serie A tips.

Top 10 German Bundesliga Tipsters

Community member Greekbanker23 was the best performed Bundesliga tipster for season 2011-2012. His 38 tips delivered a profit of 71.4 units, a handsome return on investment of 28.7%.


Our 2nd best Bundesliga tipster was LaKukaracha, whose 27 tips gave followers a profit of 57.8 units, while ClosingTime took just 6 tips to finish in 3rd place, snatching 50 units profit for a return of 89.3%.

Top 10 Champions League Tipsters

In Champions League tipping, Ledi17 was the best performer, hitting a profit of 93.3 units from his 50 Champions League tips. In 2nd and 3rd were Hesham and Nina987, whose combined 18 tips gave followers a profit of 119 units.


Top 10 Euro 2012 Tipsters

And let's conclude looking at who the top performers were during Euro 2012. Community member Lukica was the best of all Euro 2012 tipsters, posting 53 tips during the tournament for a profit of 84.6 units, a return on investment of 25.1%.


2nd placed Euro 2012 tipster was Markomgj, posting 14 tips to collect a profit of 59.3 units while Manchild finished 3rd, delivering 55.4 units from his 41 tips.

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