Poker Tips

Our poker tips correlate with our poker starting guide, which explains low-limit Texas Holdem. These poker tips are useful for offline poker as well as for online poker.

Aggressive poker player

When you sit down at a table, you should look for the aggressive player as it is an advantage to sit left to the aggressive player. This way you won't get yourself into a game where you are forced to raise because of the aggressive player before you. Therefore, before you sit down, watch the game and observe the existing players for awhile. Similarly, be aware that you can switch seats during the game.

Make sure not to use the Poker Chart blindly. You also have to consider what kind of players you're facing. Especially take notice of the number of callers before you when you are playing preflop. There are two rules of thumb to use for preflop play with your pocket cards: high cards (e.g. A,K) or high pairs (e.g. J,J) should only be called by a few players since these hands don't need help from the flop. Low pairs (e.g. 5,5) or suited cards (e.g. 5,6 of spades) should be called by many players as they rarely hit on the flop, but have huge potential when they do. Therefore, the more the better when it comes to hands with potential.

Kings High When playing shorthanded (with only a few players at the table, e.g. 2-3 persons) the game changes radically. The poker chart isn't as useful anymore, since you would play too few hands. High cards are now very strong to play compared to the small suited cards. You should now play very aggressively. The rule of thumb now is to make a bet as often as possible, even when you little in your hand. This strategy is especially effective when you are positioned at the button. Don't forget that the probability your opponent (1 on 1) hits on the flop is about 1/3rd.

If you have a strong hand and you want to sandbag (slow play: check - raise) your opponent, make sure that the probability of a bet from your opponent is almost 90 %.

Holdem Poker For Advanced Players

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In the BettingExpert poker section we have one poker tip that we find most important. The name of the tip is 'the Flush Draw trick'. You're positioned in a late position and after the flop faces a Flush-Draw (you need only one additional card to make your flush). Bet, raise or even a re-raise can be useful in this position. The explanation is as follows: When betting, the value of the pot rises (ca. 33% probability that you'll hit your flush) and at the same time your earn respect from other players. They will probably check on the turn as they are scared of a raise from your hand in the expensive betting round after the turn card has been revealed. If you already have made your flush, you can continue to bet; otherwise just check and you'll get a card for 'free' with the flush card being turned after your check.

If you have a high card or small pair at the end of the game with little action, don't try to bluff! With this kind of bluff you have everything to lose and nothing to win. Your opponents will only call you if they have something, which means that you will probably lose, therefore just check.

Players per flop

If you aren't able to find a 10-person table with seats free, playing at a 6-person table is a good alternative. The flop percentage should be above 60% in order to be sure that the players are weak.

When you feel comfortable playing at one table, you can optimize your earnings by playing several tables. We recommend tight and conservative play.

At the limit tables you can earn some good money, but if you're looking for the really profitable play, you should consider no-limit Texas Holdem. One mistake by your opponent gives you the opportunity to take all his chips. This kind of play is, of course, suited for the experienced player. Titan Poker

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