Hamburger SV-Hoffenheim

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 14.4 | Profit: (14.4 - 6) = 8.4

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This league

15 Tips

-15.82 % Yield


345 Tips

+10.27 % Yield


Hamburg needs the win here. They are near bottom of the table buy they havent the team for relegation. They are showing some improvement and can win a mediorce German team.Probably a public bet but imo it is ok for me. This is the cance for a great come back for a classic German top team...... ......dvdfdf fefe edfefe efefedf efedfedv efedfed efedfedf efeed efedfce efefefes efefef efefef efefew fefef efefe gege egvrgeg gegregve gegedgv egerge gege ggege eghtht qwdfed hthjtrrh SFSDSA sfdsfds dsd dwdw ththt6r wqdqwdqw htrhgerh q sdsd ssdfdsf dgdgds dgdsgdsg dgdsfed wdwsdf dgvedg gvds vs vdsvs vbsd bfbdf bdsf