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Reims to win by one goal

i have to look for value in this game. 2.20tish is good but due ti unpredictability of France 2 the 3.75 for the most common result is gold imo.

Reims the surprise package in French Ligue 2, playing well above expectations and they made their home ground a fortress where even better clubs had much problems to win. Today they miss only their full back regular Sekkat.

Sedan almost full, but one has to bear in mind they sold their influental defender Lautoa to Lorient and fail to bring in adequate replacement still haunts them a bit.

Its not a straightforward game at all, Sedan do posses a strong squad and many believed prior to the season, they would be much higher on the table as they now are, so they are opposite to Reims and underachieving.

-0.25 pays around 1.90 and is probably the best recomended bet in my all honesty, but as said, 3.75 is good as i do believe the game would be even and one goal could very well decide it.