ZM Olimpija-SAPA Fehervar AV19

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SAPA Fehervar AV19 To Win With Included OT

Today we have match Olimpija vs Alba Volan in EBEL League. Olimpija is leading this play off series with result 3-2 and today Olimpija has chance to go fruther but...
Olimpija in this play off stage played 5 matches against Alba Volan and results are:
ALB - OLIM 7-2
ALB - OLIM 8-1
OLIM - ALB 6-4
ALB - OLIM 1-2
As from results we can see that Alba showed much more than Olimpija but unlucky lose at tuesday has compicated the situation.
For this match olimpija can't count on first goalkeeper Lmoureux who has injured in last match against Alba, second goalkeeper was suspended for 6 matches due to scandal with penalty shoots against against Red Bull Salzburg. So only goalkeeping option is 20 years old Matic Bohu.
This is a big blow for Olimpija!

I couldn't found any info about Alba Volan So if some one has any information on Alba please comment below! Tnx and Good Luck ;)