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Tarjae Boe to finish in the top 3 of the mens biathlon world cup standings at odds 2.25

Tarjae Boe had last year to say the least an off season. He tried to compete in both the cross-country world cup and the biathlon world cup, and it cost him a lot of energy and in the end a lot of points.

This year, I think that he will focus 100 percent on biathlon to improve the disappointing 7 place he ended on last year.

Boe won the World Cup in 2010/11 and therefore I think the odds of 2.25 is too high for him.

I would at least give him 50 percent chance of finishing in the top 3, which he certainly has the qualities for.

It is an early bet as the season has not yet started, but I think it is too high not to post it.

Good luck to all that follows.

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