Lukasz Kubot-Jesse Levine

Stake placed: 8 / 10

Final result: Return: 16 | Profit: (16 - 8) = 8

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Levine to win

Here I have found some value in my opinion by betting on Levine with 2.00 odd against Kubot who doesn't seen shining by losing Marsel Ilhan and Gimeno Traver despite being huge favorite.

Levine has his own standard and he is one of the underdog players which seems complete but not enough players for top 20. I don't really care much about his last challenger performances because it was obvious that he doesn't concentrate these matches. Here is an ATP organized by Erste Bank which has more prestige.

They didn't face with each other that much and last one wonned by Kubot with 2 very close sets and here is the opportunity for Levine to come back.

Have a good luck on your bets!..