AC Milan-Fiorentina

Stake placed: 9 / 10

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AC Milan -0.5 at odds 1.99

It looks like AC Milan is starting to dominate in Serie A. That 5 goals against Chievo is just one of the most decent signal now is good time to back this team.

Also, good for us - ACM draw against Malaga, so team is much more determined now to get good result. In case they would beat Malaga, they co0uld been motivated in different way for this game.

Fiorentina lost already once at San Siro, 1-2 against Inter Milan. Now, with AC Milan on a probable reborn, they might be not able to hold a single point. Also, Milan want revenge, as they lost against Fiora season ago.

Milan odds starting to slash, I think its good time to pick them.