Union Olimpija-Szolnoki Olaj

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 11.28 | Profit: (11.28 - 6) = 5.28

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This league

1 Tips

+88.00 % Yield


19 Tips

-17.97 % Yield

Olimpija with handicap -14.5 to win with odds 1.88

Szolnoki Olaj is a new comer in ABA league. In their first season we can't expect much from them especially in the away matches. So far they lost all 4 four away matches with a difference - 70 points. Olimpija struggled recently with some ABA and Euroleague losses and need this win to gain some confidence again. The difference in quality is too big in Olimpija's favour. They will try to decide the winner of this game in the 1st half or early in the second. Olimpija is a team of very youn but talented players so they won't lose motive if the margin is big. I believe that the spread is not to big for them to cover it.