Novak Djokovic-Juan Martin Del Potro

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Here we came to semi final at 2012 Champions’ World Tour with big four games…

I guess a lot of people wanted to see big 4 here with Nadal instead of Del Potro but Argentinian completely deserved to be here with his cracking performance over alive legend Roger Federer second time in a row. In group stages, Federer qualified at the end of second matches while DelPo created his own chance and deserved by passing Fedex from group A. Will there be a third rencounter between them? Both are underdogs but we will see at the end of the day..

First match will be hold between Novak Djokovic who sat number one again this week and Juan Martin Del Potro who gave necessary signals to turn at the end of 2009 by winning 20 indoor games out of 23 this year.

I expect a tougher match for him than all expected with improvements on all aspects of game for Del Potro by going for over options.

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