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babyknight to win @1.67

Starcraft 2 game from Lone Star Clash 2, played in Austin, Texas. Best of 3.
BabyKnight (Denmark) as protoss against Sheth (USA) as zerg.

I recently decided to not bet that much on weekend LAN events, because the results weren't as good as in the GSL league, but there are still some bets that I must play.

Here we have BabyKnight, who has been spending the past two weeks on american soil so him being from Denmark shouldn't be a handicap anymore. During this time, he has been practicing on the North American ladder, reaching thetop ranks in a matter of a week.
This is not a hard thing to do, considering ladder just resetted and some players may not be in it, but it's something to note.

Sheth has also been training on the NA ladder, but with much different results. I checked his stream this past week from time to time, and his play isn't what you expect from a progamer. It has been like that for months and I don't think it can be solved with just some weeks of training.

Checking the results on this same tournament, we see that BabyKnight lost 2-0 to Stephano (zerg), but that is not a big concern because Stephano is definetely one of the best players in the world.
Sheth won his last round 2-1 against ToD (protoss), but ToD may as well retire by now, and the fact that ToD has stated his PvZ is a lot worse than his other match ups makes me wonder why Sheth had such a hard time there.

The reason for the "high" odds on BabyKnight is that zergs have been winning everything as of lately, and Sheth's record against protosses is positive (not that much when checking only past months) while BabyKnight has always struggled against zergs.
I want to note something here, because BabyKnight stats are mainly against european zergs, which I rate way way higher than american zergs. Players like Snute, VortiX, LiveZerg, JonnyREcco and others, are a lot better than Sheth.