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The match between Avangard Omsk and Vityaz will end with under 2.00 goals in ordinary time at odds 2.10


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Today will be a very intresting game in KHL , will play a leader Avangard on home ground with a very ambitious team Vityaz. Vityaz in last games shows a really good game , a very balanced in attack and defence , also Vityaz is one of the leaders in table playing on away ground. Vityaz in games with leaders are playing very efficient and very balanced , based on counter-attacks, with all top leaders , they showed a really top game , and never lost in difference of 3 goals, even they played with teams much stronger then Avangard.<br />
In last games Avangard looks not so stronger , they are leaders of KHL League , but their game is no so confident , they are not so sure on them on the other side , there is Vityaz , that is now on a winnig strike , and even they played on away ground , they have got 2 wins , and I think today they are not going to lose.<br />
<br />
Vityaz on away ground now is playing very well , they are scorring always 2 goals , sometimes more then 2 , Avangard defence is not so good , and they always make some mistakes , even with teams much lower then Vityaz they conced 1-2 goals , so I think today Vityaz will show us a pretty good game and will score 3 goals.

immuNaGe has a stake of 7/10 in winning this bet.

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