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Frankenweenie to win against Other in ordinary time at odds 8.00


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I'll put in my Academy Awards picks now because odds tend to go down rapidly here and when they go down, they go down to the extreme. For example, Daniel Day-Lewis now has 1.4, when the awards start coming he will probably be down on 1.01. When Octavia Spencer won last year the odds were 1.002. Therefore it’s always a good idea to be early out with these kind of bets. Of course no one can guarantee that one single film will be the one to go down at those odds, but I think rather bet at these odds than when the gala is approaching.<br />
<br />
The two main contenders for this award are Wreck-it-Ralph and Brave. Pixar and Disney. Wreck-it-Ralph has been loved by the critics while Brave has received good but not great reviews. The point is, Brave is much more handicraft well made than Wreck-it-Ralph and has a very unique artistic feeling over it. Wreck-it-Ralph has a more regular Dreamworks kind of feeling over it. It has been very obvious what the Academy likes.<br />
<br />
Pixar has since it's beginning released 12 movies. The first one, Toy Story, got an special Oscar because the animated feature category did not exist. After that they released two more films before the category was invented. Since then Pixar have released 9 movies as you might have figured out. The first one, Monsters Inc was nominated but lost to huge hit Shrek. Six out of those nine won the Academy Award! Pixar have won 4 out of the last 5 in the category. The academy just loves Pixar, and they have made it very clear. Cars 2 was absolutely hated by the critics and 72% of them gave it rotten reviews. Even if so, it was nominated for a darn Oscar. I can't see a movie like Wreck-it-Ralph, no matter how loved it is, go and nick the Oscar in front of Brave, which is a professional Pixar film, much better than Cars 2.<br />
<br />
One thing is clear, as said, Disney won't win this with Wreck-it-Ralph. The Oscar do however like when something artsy comes along, and Tim Burton has released Frankenweenie this year, it's more artsy and the academy might feel the should have awarded some of his earlier animated features. Considering the odds it's worth to place a small stake on Frankenweenie at odds 8. Frankenweenie actually won the Annie Award for animated films.<br />
<br />
But Brave is my main bet. The odds will go down on this one, trust me.

ClosingTime has a stake of 2/10 in winning this bet.

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