Radamel Falcao-Chelsea

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FALCAO to sign for CHElsea at odds 4,33

Falcao to sign for before 1st February 2013 - Outright
Loan deals do count.If player does not move during the window all bets are settled as losers.Other clubs on request.

In the text above there are conditions for this bet and in my opinion there is value in this bet worth of at least small stake.
Radamel Falcao is currently number one striker in the world, and what is also very important he is available for transfer, the true is he is very expensive, but there are some teams ready to pay buy-out.

Atletico had almost same situation with Fernanado Torres couple of years ago, and now when even Spanish team's management don't hide that Falcao wants to change the club and the league, everything is ready to start/continue talks about clubs and player's conditions.
Chelsea is club who has problem with scoring and club who is first candidate to sign this star player from Columbia. With Roman Abramovic as president Chelsea definitely is one of the rare clubs having enough money for both buy-out and player's salary.

There is enough time for clubs to make a deal and for this bet to stand, as there are more than two months before transfer window will be closed in Premier league.

If this scenario happens Falcao will be happy, since he would play in stronger club with bigger salary, Chelsea would have probably the best striker in the league, while Atletico Madrid would find satisfaction in money received for buy-out, so it sounds like win-win situation for all.
Also there are some rumors that Atletico will exchange strikers with Chelsea (Torres for Falcao), but this is of course not condition for this bet to stand.