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<br />
This bet is on the number of different drivers that will win a Grand Prix in 2013<br />
<br />
In the 2012 season the 17 races was won by 8 different drivers.<br />
2011 5 winners<br />
2010 5 winners<br />
2009 6 winners<br />
2008 7 winners<br />
<br />
The expected winners :<br />
<br />
Sebastian Vettel (Red Bull) is 100% winning a race - Defending champion and won 5 races in 2012<br />
Mark Webber (Red Bull) won 2 races in 2012 and shold also win at least one in 2013<br />
Fernando Alonso (Ferrari) is going to try and take the trophy from Vettel and will 100% win a race in 2013 - He won 3 in 2012<br />
Jenson Button (Mclaren) has won at least 1 race each year for the last 4 and has the quality to take one in 2013 also<br />
Lewis Hamilton (Mercedes) has won at least 1 race a year for the past 6 years since he came to the F1 - Will properbly not have the car to challange for the championship so will try hard to get some Grand Prix wins.<br />
<br />
The Outsiders :<br />
<br />
Felipe Massa (Ferrari) hasnt won a race since 2008, where he won 6 in a season - It is questionable that he would win in 2013<br />
Kimi Raikkonen (Lotus) made a comeback in the F1 in 2012 with 3rd place in the standing and 1 Grand Prix win.<br />
Nico Rosberg (Mercedes) wins his first Grand Prix in 2012 - Has troulbe getting point regulary so will try to get a win.<br />
Romain Grosjean (Lotus) made a comeback in the F1 in 2012 and has trouble getting point but got on the podium 3 times. Crashes a lot and is in risk of losing seat quickly if the season starts bad. Expect no win from him.<br />
Sergio Perez (McLaren) Best finish in 2012 was a 2nd place italy and 2 3rd palces in Canada and Malaysia - Expect no win from him.<br />
<br />
The long shot :<br />
<br />
Nico Hulkenberg (Sauber) - He is an expert in wet driving and made some good races in a bad car from Force India - Sauber is better but can it get him all the way?<br />
<br />
<br />

MarcPolo has a stake of 10/10 in winning this bet.

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