Notre Dame-Alabama

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Notre Dame +10 to win at odds 1.93


Notre Dame should not be such a big dog against Alabama.

Notre Dame surprised a lot of experts this season. They do have a really good defense (like Alabama), including a very good front seven and a top LB with Te`o made the deal for Notre Dame. Though their opponent has the best rushing defense in the league, I think that the Irish are able to run the ball just enough with their 3 RB`s and QB Golson, who is also running the ball solid. Alabama on the other hand has been the favorite long time ago. They do have the best RB in the nation and here again we have the question, if the Irish can limit the damage on the ground. Howsoever, the Crimson Tide are usually not destroying good opponents by a lot of points.

I expect a rather close game between two top defenses and not so many touchdowns. Alabama is the better team, but with the line climbing to 10 points, I see solid value on the underdog. I remember the game of the Irish against Oklahoma, where they have been 10.5 point underdogs and managed to win the match by 24 points. That won`t happen by all imagination against the Crimson Tide, but they should be at least competitive.
Price at 1.93 for Notre Dame +10 to win represents enough value for medium-high stakes.