Jesse Levine-Daniel King-Turner

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 9) = -9

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Over 20.5

In my opinion this match can be very close, I can image here three sets or something like that. Over 20.5 games look like very good option to play, especially with Pinnacle Sports odds. I must try it.

Jesse Levine played in Q here, won three matches in straight sets, but don't have too strong oppoennts. USA player of course is favorite here, but I can't trust for him with odds on this level, especially when must play against home player.

Daniel King-Turner took wild card for this tournament, know this courts very well, crowd want give support for him. King-Turner is challanger level player of course, nothing more, but have very nice first serve and when have good day can produce many aces. Big motivation for sure.