Washington Wizards-Oklahoma City Thunder

Stake placed: 5 / 10

Final result: Return: 9.4 | Profit: (9.4 - 5) = 4.4

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Oklahome has been very good lately taking 4 wins from last five matches. Average point line has been 204 points per game. It sure looks the same when look up the next opponent Wizards.

Hosts are holding the last place in NBA standings and they haven't convinced lately. 5 straight defeats in last five matches with average 185 point line per match. How ever these two teams is used to play very offensive play against each other and that's why i predict high point line match to come.

Oklahomas team looks tp be free of injuries and hosts have had a few problems with that but i don't see anything special so both of the teams gets their best teams to this match.