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zaragoza by 1 goal @ 4,10

Copa del rey 2nd game ( first finished 0;1 for Zaragoza)

Two teams with much different quality and different aims this season.

Levante is performing more than great in Europe League, winning progress for next stage of the competition, but also involved in the CL tickets battle in Premiera this season after impressive football till now. Levante is fully focused on this 2 competitions and showed that copa del rey is not their priority losing the first game with 0;1, despite that they lost points at home only against Barcelona and Real M so far.

Zaragoza on the other side is far away from the danger zone but from the euro tickets aswel, and eventual cup progress will be welcomed for the fans and the players. Also the team will have goal advantage and could sit and wait their chance, using the opened spaces from Levante

expected results: 1;0 or 2;1