Real Madrid-Celta Vigo

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 6) = -6

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41 Tips

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4939 Tips

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both to score @ 1,91

Real Madrid showed and proved that got problems with their keepers lately. The new starter between the posts Adan got red card in last game , and Casillas came on the pitch, conceding 3 goals till the end of the game. Mou was very angered despite the full pack of poitns and I expect some rotations even in their defense here. Real Madrid should be aggressive from the very beginning , trying to kill Celta lead from the first game where Mou boys lost with 2;1.

Celta is close to the danger zone and despite havig important game against Espanyol incoming weekend, I expect them to give their best here, trying to score and to elminate Real. I expect them to get their chances, as Real will open a lot of spaces for counters for sure

expected results: 3;1 or 4;1