Alistair Overeem-Antonio Bigfoot Silva

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Alistair Overeem to win the fight 3/10

Alistair Overeem is back again after completing his years suspension after the UFC doctors found a high level of testosterone in his blood after his very convincing first round victory over former heavyweight champion Brock Lesnar.

Alistair Overeem was number 1 contender after being Lesnar but due to his suspension he was stripped of that.

He is back now taking on Bigfoot Silva. I watched Bigfoot in his first two UFC fights, first he took on Cain Valasquez, in which he was destroyed within 4 minutes of the first round. I watched him again in his second fight taking on Travis Browne, the start of this fight, Browne was getting the better of him but ended up blowing out his knee from a high kick attempt and Bigfoot was able to smoother him and finish him off. If Browne did not injure himself I believe Bigfoot would have been defeated again.

The difference in class between Overeem and Bigfoot is just not even up for debate in my opinion. Overeem is by far the more superior striker being a K1 champion. His take down defense is amazing as shown against Lesnar, a division 1 standard wrestler.

The last time Overeem was beaten was back in 2007.

I predict a first round KO/TKO win for Overeem, however, I see no chance Bigfoot winning this fight at all.

Lump on Overeem, even though short odds, it's a banker.