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Chelsea to win at odds 1.45

We had some interesting surprises in the last day and a half. First the fighting spirit of Cheltenham vs Everton and then the horrific defeat Aston Villa had.
Last league game Chelsea played was a defeat at home against the bottom club QPR. On the other hand we got Swansea that has a terrific away record in the past few matches.
Newcastle - Swansea 1:2
Arsenal - Swansea 0:2
Fulham - Swansea 1:2
to name a few. At first glance this game looks like it is created to make a surprise. Well if anything i have learned about surprises is that they don't stock. If they did they wouldn't be called that. We have a top class club who's chances of wining the league cup are slim to none. And a solid middle class club at best having a good run. In any case i don't see Chalsea missing this opportunity to win at least some kind of trophy this year. And even if they don't make it, it will not be by losing against Swansea at home :D

Good luck and let's make some money :)