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True Chelsea lost at home in last match played in Premier League against QPR but regrouped well and won in week-end in the Cup and despite will use a mixed squad I expect to see some dangerous situations from their part but also to have problems to hold their sheet clean and I expect both teams to score here as has happened in their past 3 meetings:
Swansea Chelsea 1:1
Swansea Chelsea 1:1
Chelsea Swansea 4:1
Plus Swansea has scored and allowed at least one goal in 3 of 4 matches played in this competition:
Swansea Middlesbrough 1:0
Liverpool Swansea 1:3
Crawley Swansea 2:3
Swansea Barnsley 3:1
Therefore with Chelsea not safe in defensive and using a mixed squad should mean one more time problems to keep their sheet clean.