FC Porto-Vitoria de Setubal

Stake placed: 10 / 10

Final result: Return: 16.3 | Profit: (16.3 - 10) = 6.3

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Setubal AH +2

Porto this season after the elimination of Portuguese Cup makes the League Cup an objective. They have taken this very serioulsly starting the games with all their key players. Today, they need a draw to qualify but nest weekend there is a Benfica vs Porto!! The manager, Vitor Pereira, left out of this game their two stars, James Rodriguez and Jackson Martinez. Helton the keeper is also out. So, in the front there are no strikers available, once Kleber is injured, Varela (left Midfielder) should take the front.

Setubal needs a victory to qualify and they gonna give it everything to achieve that. Porto is more focuses in Benfica's game. They may win, but not more that 2 goals.