St Liege (Bel)-Wolfsburg (Ger)

Stake placed: 5 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 5) = -5

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1X - double chance @ 1,80

Its another friendly game, between St Liege and Woflsburg

This is 1st of the 2 preparation matches for Liege before starting the season again, while this is gonna be 3rd of the 4th preparation matches for the german side. Actually Wolfsburg played today (09.01) against Werder and lost with 1;2, so less than 24 hours I see many rotations and changes in their squad.

Liege are 5th in Beligum with great chances to kill the difference with the leaders. They got great young Nigerian striker Ezikiel who showed great form before the break and I expect them to create huge troubles to Wolfsburg shaky defense.

Huge chances Liege not to lose IMO