Denis Istomin-Kevin Anderson

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 14.4 | Profit: (14.4 - 9) = 5.4

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Kevin Anderson to win

I see a difficult game here but for me, things will go to the south african way.
Anderson is playing the best part of the season for him. He likes this kind of surface and this kind of short tournaments and he usually go far for it.
He will have to face Istomin, who's also playing great tennis but for me, is less powerful at this kind of surface.

Anderson probably will keep his serve and maybe tie breaks or a three sets match will appear, but I see better chances for him, here.
Anderson just lost to top players lately as Istomin had defeats to medium ones as Berlocq and Rosol.
I believe Kevin is too hard to be beaten in this kind of surface.