Racing Lermeno-Palencia

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Soccer »Spain» Third Division Group 8 »Lermeño - Palencia

Hard and difficult times for Palencia, the club is about to disappear due to economic problems and many players have already left the club. The workouts are not done the right way and the lack of first team players is completed with youth players. The latest away results of Palencia give us an idea of the current situation.

22.12.2012 D4-8 UD Santa Marta 0-1 CF Palencia
09.12.2012 D4-8 Atlético Bembib 3-0 CF Palencia
25.11.2012 D4-8 SD Almazán 2-1 CF Palencia
10.11.2012 D4-8 Unami CP 3-2 CF Palencia

Racing Lermeño is a hard bone at home where only lost Arandina.

22.12.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 1-1 CD Numancia B
09.12.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 2-0 Gimnástica Segoviana
25.11.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 2-1 Real Ávila
18.11.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 1-0 Cuéllar Balompié
04.11.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 0-0 La Virgen del Camino
27.10.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 2-0 Cristo Atlético
14.10.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 1-1 CD Salmantino
30.09.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 1-1 Burgos CF
16.09.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 0-3 Arandina CF
02.09.2012 D4-8 Racing Lermeño 1-0 Atlético Astorga

In the first leg Racing Lermeño lost in extremis with Palencia by a score of 2-1 but remember that Palencia was a whole team and the team is now broken on all sides.

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Good luck everyone!!!