Cortes-Pena Azagresa

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Soccer »Spain» Third Division Group 15 >> Courts - Peña Azagresa

Cortes has a 8-1-0 home record averaging at least two goals per game, in their last two matches has improved its performance at home getting three goals.

Peña Azagresa is a team destined to fight to avoid relegation, averaging almost two away goals conceded but more importantly, is able average more than one goal per game scored, which for a team from the lower area is amazing. In five of their nine away games final result was at least three goals.

23.12.2012 D4-15 CD Erriberri 0-4 Peña Azagresa
06.12.2012 D4-15 UCD Burladés 2-0 Peña Azagresa
24.11.2012 D4-15 CD Iruña 3-2 Peña Azagresa
11.11.2012 D4-15 Lagun Artea 2-1 Peña Azagresa
27.10.2012 D4-15 CD Subiza 3-1 Peña Azagresa
12.10.2012 D4-15 CD Idoya 1-1 Peña Azagresa
29.09.2012 D4-15 Valle de Egüés 1-1 Peña Azagresa
15.09.2012 D4-15 CD Pamplona 2-0 Peña Azagresa
01.09.2012 D4-15 CD Huarte 3-0 Peña Azagresa

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