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Fulham v Wigam - Under 12 corners @1.50

Premier League game between the teams of Fulham and Wigan.

My bet here is for under 12 corners paying 1.50 with BET365.

Fulham currently sit 13th on the table with a home record of 4-2-4. While playing at home they are just 4.7 corners per game.

Their opponents today are Wigan coming off a 0-4 drubbing to Manchester United. While playing at home they average even less in terms of corners at just 3.1 per game.

I expect to see around 10 corners in this game so have gone under 12 for safety at slightly short odds as opposed to taking around evens for under 11.

The reason for the safety is that Wigan home games in total average 10.8 corners per game, and despite them not scoring many of those corners themselves, this game could see 10 or 11 as a worst case scenario.

All of the stats say this bet is a winner and looking at the game styles of the two teams i think this further enhances the changes of this bring us a return.

Good luck.