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  • Date of fixture: 3rd Feb 2013 13:00 GMT




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Italy has a big chance of winning here and pinnacle knows that and dropped the odds as also the other bookmakers have just done it. Unfortunately started too late and now it's only 1.57 for Italy win.

Italy will have Fognini and Seppi on the singles and Bolelli and Fognini on doubles. Lorenzi is the 4th man.

Cilic and Dodi are the singles for Croatia while Mektic and Pavic are the double pair.

We can expect from Seppi to beat Cilic and Dodig and Fognini might be the one that wins also against Cilic. About this match we just talked and you know I tipped Fognini's win.

Cilic is the man that needs to stay mentally strong for maybe 3 matches and I do not think he will do that.

Seppi is on a good moment and so does Fognini.

Take note that this match is played on clay and Italians are very good there!

sportbetting77 has a confidence (stake) of 9/10 in winning this bet.

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