Philipp Petzschner-Andreas Seppi

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Seppi to Win

First of all, Seppi is a much better palyer than he seems and Max Villander also said it after his win over Marin Cilic. Seppi is currently in the ATP top 20, his best ever ranking. His serve is actually very strong, and is a very consistent player from the baseline. Petzschner is actually a player that i don't really know. I saw him a couple of times but i have not yet decided my mind. He looks to me that he has been primarly looking forward to challengers to get his ranking higher. He is the current world number 126th. This year he just won against Gilles Muller. Apart from that, just bad players and challengers. Seppi reached the 4th round in this year's Australian Open, losing to the amazing Chardy. Seppi is a much better player and i can only see him, with this huge odds, bringing the win home with him.