Denis Kudla-Donald Young

Stake placed: 8 / 10

Final result: Return: 14 | Profit: (14 - 8) = 6

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Kudla vs Young in the San Jose qualification.

I think Young will get this, as he has done in the previous three matches these two have played. He hasn't lost a set to Kudla in those matches and he's playing decent tennis right now. In the previous rounds here he won against Fafek and Stadler in straight sets, while Kudla lost a set to Monroe in his last match. I didn't like the way Kudla looked in that match and i'm fairly certain Young will win today.

Kudla was a huge favorite against Monroe but collapsed in the second and lost it 2-6, he can't afford to do that today and if he does, then Young will take advantage of it to the fullest as he is a much better and more experienced player than Monroe.

Young @ 1.75, 8/10 units.

Good luck!