Miami Heat-Portland Trailblazers

Stake placed: 6 / 10

Final result: Return: 9.78 | Profit: (9.78 - 6) = 3.78

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Over 195 @ odds 1.63

Trailblazers have done well against the Heat in the past and are 4-0 ATS in Miami. Dont be fooled, the Trailblazers still have some strong players such as Aldridge who matches up very well against Lebron and Wade. He's also done very well as of late.

Only problem with the Trailblazers here is that their defense is slacking a lot. Miami's has improved 4 some time now. Blazers giving up almost 106.0 ppg on average in their last 5 which is a lot. Miami on the other hand only give up 94.6 ppg on average, which is solid.

Offensively, blazers putting up around 102.2 ppg in their last 5 whilst miami are putting up 106.2 ppg on average in their last 5. Offensively, both teams are pretty powerful in terms of numbers.

The OVER looks decent here seeing as the trailblazers are giving up way too many points in these couple of days. I imagine that the Trailblazers will really try to come out with a win here seeing as they have lost their last 3. Defense may suffer for them as they focus on shooting a lot of points to earn a win.


Over 195 at odds 1.63 looks like a decent pick here guys.

Consider the OVER for your picks....after some research as well! :)

Have a nice night guys and good luck!!!