Annan Athletic-East Stirling

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 0 | Profit: (0 - 9) = -9

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Goals in Scotland, Div3

Annan is third best in the Third Division when it comes to the results at home as they have won six matches from eleven played this season. They will be looking for another great performance and a win is really possible as in the upcoming game they will face the team that is the worst in the league in defence. East Stirling managed to win only once in the latest ten matches and they have already conceded 55 goals this season. On the road they are almost allowing three goals per average game. This is a huge number and Annan already showed that they can easily break such defence. Annan has won the first head to head match this season with the score 5-2, also they have scored twice against East Stirling when playing on the road in the second match so I believe the goals are very probable in the upcoming game also and I choose to bet on OVER.