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Genoa v Udinese - Under 11 corners @1.53

Italy Series A match between the teams of Genoa and Udinese.

My bet here is for under 11 corners paying 1.53 with BET365.

When playing at home Genoa average just 4.5 corners per match. When playing away Udinese average just 2.7 corners per game.

Neither team average over 10 corners in their respective home or away games so far this season.

Under 11 paying 1.53 seems good value here is a match that is a little harder to call in terms of the winner.

If i had to guess i would say Udinese would win this match as they have slightly better form but they don't plat well away from home.

Expect a tight context with very few corners as i characteristic of both of these teams as the stats clearly show.

Good luck.