Donbass Donetsk-Lev Praha

Stake placed: 9 / 10

Final result: Return: 16.74 | Profit: (16.74 - 9) = 7.74

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Donbass Donetsk - Lev Praga under 5 odds 1,86

Donbass have 70 points and they need win to reach play off zone. Also Atlants have 70 points and Dinamo minsk have 71.. So they need definetly 3 points and they just can hope that Atlant and Dinamo minks will lose.

Lev need 3 points to get 6th place in konference, but this is only if Dinamo Riga will win Slovan Bratislava.

So, here ir predict very tight game and fight for points. Lev play good defense hockey and also Donbass will not play attacking hockey, they focus on difense and try to play good on counter attacks.

This game is important and i dont see here open hockey...

Good Luck!