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Liverpool – Swansea

So many things told about this disappointed Liverpool, when you think that finally, they will look like a good team they show us that nothing changes.
In this time Liverpool will come to this game when they are 2 places after Swansea.

Something very interesting that you should know: Liverpool didn't win Swansea until now!
They played against them 4 times: 2 0-0 and 1-0 and 3-1 wins to Swansea!

I think that this time Liverpool will win this game but I will not put my money on this one!
We will talk about the corners we expected to see:

Liverpool has average of 7.7 corners won and 4.3 conceded per a match.
Swansea has average of 5.3 corners won and 5 conceded.

If we will turn the statistics to numbers we expect that Real Madrid will have in this game 11 corners.

If we will try to imagine what will be in this game we will see Liverpool attack from the beginning and get few corners and then: 2 options- they get a quickly goal and continue to attack like they always do at home, the second option: they don't score but continue to attack and to reach a lot of corners.

In the 3 games between them were 12, 15 and 22 corners.

My pick: Over 11.5 corners at odds 1.77