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(Feb 17th) (PL) Swansea AH +1.5 v Liverpool @1.55

Premier League match between the teams of Liverpool and Swansea.

My bet here is for Swansea to win with the AH +1.5 paying 1.55 with BET365.

Swansea have an away record of 4-4-5 and this bet would have won in their past 6 away games including against Tottenham and Everton. The last time they lost away by 2 goals was against Arsenal way back on the 1st of December last year.

Liverpool have a home record of 6-3-4 and while they have produced some big wins at home their recent form has been poor with a loss last week to West Brom 0-2. They are hard to predict Liverpool but i expect this game to be a close and low scoring contest.

Given Swansea are very defensive when playing away and Liverpool were so poor last game at home i think this bet provides excellent.

I think Liverpool will win this 1-0 or it may be a draw 1-1.

Good luck.