Paul Capdeville-Renzo Olivo

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Capdeville to win

I saw Capdeville in brazil,he make 2 great game against Zeballos,he never lost the serve in this game.Despite that zeballos have medical problems he continued and Capdeville wom 9 consecutive games,Zeballos finaly retired.Against Almagro 1-2.Almagro need the decisive set,because Capdeville won a tie-break.
There at Buenos Aires,the chilian play very good against Migani 2-0,6-3 6-0.
Olivo eliminate there Galarza 2-0 6-4 6-2.
Thei meet each other one time at Rio Quente ,Brazil and Capdeville won easy 6=2 6=1.
The argentinian gonna play much better,he play home,but the chilian are in the great form and i see problems for Migani,Capdeville serve very,very good.
Gl there!