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Lyon crisis?
Ya,the lyon's crisis started because Gomis don/t know how to execute a penalty in the game against Ajaccio,min 86!there started the disaster for Lyon.!3 consecutive lost 8 goals received in 3 games.
Lyon don't have attack and this Gomis should be replaced because is acting like a amateur!!Umtiti shoul play there!
I saw the game between Tottenham and lyon,Lyon play much better and only Bale save Tottenham free kick in min 93.
Marseille alredy take the second position,and lyon could lose iven the place for Champions league if thei not gonna make minimum a draw there.
Is very hard to beat Bordeaux home,only one defeat against PSG,but i think Lyon learn from the last 3 desaster game,and thei gonna play more carefull in the defensive,I saw that ihn the game against tottenham.Spurs scored only from free kick.
gl there!