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Swansea to win against Liverpool in ordinary time at odds 5.75


22.76 %Yield 13.20Profit
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By looking at the standings in the league, both teams are very close with a different of one point. But Liverpool is a very unpredictable team, sometimes playing very good football sometimes very bad, on every match their defense are clearly lacking of quality, Suarez on the other hand has been playing better and better as the season go by. <br />
<br />
Swansea is a fresh interesting team that has achieved good results with minimal resources, to be honest I like this team very much, Michu has been showing of some great skills, and the defense is ok but not very good.<br />
<br />
Why I think Liverpool will concede this game is because they had a rough match schedule in the past week, and it has been taking a toll on the team and it is showing on the results, losing 0-2 against West Brom and 2-0 against Zenit. Swansea on the other hand has a team that has been rested for 8 days, with a fresh team arriving to Anfield against a worn-out home team, I can see Swansea taking this game.<br />
<br />
It has been proven that this is possible when Swansea won against Liverpool by 1-3 on the latest matchup on capital one cup, and I think this game may very likely end up with a similar results. <br />
<br />
If you what to have a bet that is more safe, i suggest going for X2 or -1 handicap.<br />
<br />
Good luck!

pokaii has a stake of 3/10 in winning this bet.

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22.76 %Yield 13.20Profit
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