Sigma Barcellona-Tezenis Verona

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Final result: Return: 10.4 | Profit: (10.4 - 8) = 2.4

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Barcellonetta to win

I saw the last game home for Barcelonetta,thei acting like the clown in the game against Trento,thei let trento to dominate the game,2 minuts before the final it was draw,but thei lost in the final 70-89,Thei recovered this 2 point away against Fulgor.
Verona is a good team when thei play home,thei beat there Barcellonetta 75-71,the teams go head to head until the end
Verona 75 18 23 22 12
Barcellona 71 15 23 22 11
Verona play very bad away,only one victoy,Barcellonetta lost 2 games home,only against underdogs,infact thei play very good with the strong teams,but thei lost against the underdogs>>)I think barcellonetta can't miss the victory there.I think thei wont to transfer Messi there good 3 points scorer.
Gl there,and i hope you don't acting like the clowns,like in the game against Trento!